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Managed Services
Business Consultancy
Systems Integration
Outsourcing back-office administration
            Our solution allows life and pensions companies to outsource their outdated, inflexible back-office processing, reducing their costs and freeing them to focus on core activities. We are prepared to discuss with you how to vary tax structures to ensure fiscal efficiency. We are committed to offering the most tax efficient structure when supplying administration services.

Infrastructure and HelpDesk
             We takeover and manage part or all of the IT resources of the customer who wishes to outsource a task or a process. The result of these services can be controlled by the customer, based on mutually agreed parameters.
Thus we offer our customers the advantage to refocus valuable human and material resources to its core business. At the company level, we primarily address a customer's business need by providing expected service level or the one your business needs.
Outsourcing areas include but are not limited to:
        Hardware and software maintenance
        LAN, WAN, VPN administration


          As IT industry rapidly evolves, it become costly and difficult for companies to have an IT department in charge with systems administration and daily operations. This became more challenging if we think that companies usually doesn't have those competences internally and important parts of IT budget goes to training and maintaining those competences updated.
We are able to provide efficient and cost-effective managed services or outsourcing solutions to enable companies to meet the demands of an exacting legislative environment and unprecedented financial and operational challenges.