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Sales Force Automation
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      Sales Force Automation System

     Sales Force Automation can be a great advantage to the company who knows exactly what they want to achieve, when they want to achieve it, and has a well laid out plan as to how they will get there. A company that knows this, will many times over benefit from implementing the best solutions to help it in achieving goals. One of these solutions is a sales force automation system, completely integrated within company business processes.

We understand the crucial role sales plays in business and we built a flexible application adapted to insurance Romanian market.

Main Functionalities of our Sales Force Automation solution:
     Makes it easy to track sales activity and do forecasting resulting in significant gains from your sales team
     Is a feature-rich solution that integrates all aspects of customer life cycle
     Can automate daily tasks; catch mission-critical & time-sensitive activities
     Accessible from any location through an Internet connection
     Sales Processes to be followed from a single application
     Ability to follow the entire life cycle of the application trough to the Policy
     Online integration with the Core System
     Follow-up reminder and warning messages
     Sales structure could be automatically uploaded into the application
     Administration of different sales organizations(DSF, MLM)
     Commission calculation module

We built the system following a standard insurance sales process, but architecture can be adapted to customer's business flow.

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